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China (Wenzhou) Machine Tool, Tool & Mold and Plastic Industry Exhibition will be held soon

China (Wenzhou) Machine Tool, Tool & Mold and Plastic Industry Exhibition will be held soon

 After a year of intense preparation, the 17th China Machine Tool, Mold and Plastic Industry Exhibition, the annual grand event of China's machinery industry, was held in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 12 to 14, 2010.
As the largest mechanical exhibition in Zhejiang Province and the exhibition carefully nurtured by the municipal government, after 16 successful sessions, the exhibition has become an annual industry event for industry insiders. In line with the purpose of "gathering the world machine tools and equipping Wenzhou industry", this exhibition will continue to be held jointly with authoritative institutions to build a high-specification and high-quality annual machinery professional event, to build an excellent business platform for the machinery industry in the global economic stabilization and revival, and to share the unlimited business opportunities brought about by the "post-crisis era".
The exhibition covers an area of 30,000 square meters, with more than 400 exhibitors and more than 800 exhibitors. The number of exhibitors increased by 32% over the previous year. Whether the scale of the exhibition or the enthusiasm of exhibitors, we are delighted to see the strength of the upward growth of China's machinery industry at this Wenzhou Machine Tool and Plastic Exhibition, and to see that China's machine tool, tooling, plastic industry is undergoing profound changes, ushering in opportunities for development. In this exhibition, the exhibitors mainly come from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, the United States, Japan, Korea and China, covering various well-known brands at home and abroad. They will exhibit more than 10,000 exhibits of CNC machine tools, CNC systems, machine tool accessories and moulds representing the advanced level of the world today. The Organizing Committee of the Exhibition also organizes a strong team of buyers and professional audiences, bringing together the elite will enable enterprises to book international resources at home.
According to the introduction of the organizing committee, this year's exhibition highlights several major features:
"Heavy industry giants gather in Wenzhou" - a higher degree of internationalization
With the further improvement of the specialization level of China Machine Tool Plastic Exhibition and its increasing influence, the 17th China (Wenzhou) Machine Tool, Mold and Plastic Industry Exhibition has become an excellent platform for international brands to compete in the Chinese market. This exhibition gathers machine tool giants from many countries and other foreign brand manufacturers.
Switzerland Azishamir, Belgium Hakko, Sweden Sandvik, Japan Shadik, Mazak, Miyamoto, Takamatsu, Speed Skills, Spain Nicolas Crea, Korea Doosan and other heavy batches appeared at this exhibition. These international well-known enterprises will jointly introduce a variety of "high, fine, cutting-edge, new" technologies, show the world's highest new products, and offer a feast of machinery industry for the majority of buyers.
International well-known enterprises gathered in Wenzhou, competing, exhibition style, this Wenzhou Machine Tool, Plastic Exhibition has increased a lot of "gold content", while making the exhibition more internationalized.
"A Hundred Schools of Thoughts Controversy": Domestic Brands Gathering
Wenzhou, as a coastal city with highly concentrated industrial clusters and the most developed private economy, is full of vitality, passion, fantasy and charm, wisdom and vitality. It is this unique urban charm that provides fertile ground for the growth of the machinery industry, and also brews unlimited business opportunities for the industry. Wenzhou Machine Tool and Plastic Exhibition gives full play to Wenzhou's urban characteristics and becomes a focus for machine tools, tooling and plastic manufacturers to release new products and promote brands. In 2010, the 17th Wenzhou Machine Tool Plastic Exhibition attracted hundreds of domestic brands including Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Hangzhou Machine Tool Group, Hanchuan Machine Tool Group, Beijing First Machine, Nanjing Second Machine, Hong Kong Zhenxiong, Voda, Taiwan Youjia Group and Kaibai Precision Machine, which will bring the latest products and technologies synchronized with the international market. At that time, hundreds of kinds of machinery and processing equipment will appear collectively to show the mainstream products in the domestic machine tool and plastic machine industry.
It is believed that Wenzhou Machine Tool and Plastic Exhibition, where domestic brands gather together, will certainly present a macro scene of "contention among hundreds of schools of thought" on the exhibition site, bringing a rich visual feast to the vast number of visitors.