MIN-HUI provides you with a full set of docking services

Machine options and resources docking

Excellent quality, affordable price, superb technical force, fast and efficient after-sales service

Liquid Silicone Machine

Manufacturers provide one-stop vertical injection molding machine overall solutions

Famous in China, best-selling in the world

Stable supplier of Huawei, Apple, 3C, automotive industry

Resource docking

Excellent quality, affordable price, superb technical force

Mold Gum Peripherals Automation Financial leasing

Butt joint of mold

MIN-HUI provides injection molding machine selection guide


In general, the following information must be collected before purchasing a vertical injection molding machine, and the more detailed the better.

1. The size (length, width and height), weight, special design, etc. of the mold;

2. The characteristics of using plastic;

3. Size and weight of injection molded products;

4. Molding requirements, including production cycle, product quality requirements, product appearance, size requirements, etc.

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Minghui Machinery provides rubber resources for downstream merchants

Halogen-free LCP material is very corrosive, double alloy grade A


Universal screw (suitable for ABS, PC+ABS, PS, PP, PE, POM and other common plastics)

Special screw for high temperature engineering plastics (for LCP, PA, PA6, PA66, PA6T, PC and other engineering plastics)

Special screw for transparent material (suitable for high-precision products such as PC, PMMA, optical lenses, light guide plates, etc.)

Special screw for high mixing (suitable for PA+ toner, PE+ toner and other plastics that need special mixing)

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Provide peripheral equipment data docking service

Dehumidification and drying, high-efficiency and energy-saving dryer series


The product can be used to dry most plastic materials that are not easy to absorb moisture, such as PS, PP, ABS, etc. The maximum drying temperature can reach 160 °C, and a double-layer thermal insulation model can also be used.

Allows for more uniform barrel temperature and less heat loss. There are also many accessories for selection, which can realize functions such as hot air recovery and filtering of iron filings impurities in raw materials. It can also be installed on the floor with a tripod.

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Automation makes production easier

Minghui provides injection molding workshop resource docking service


Minghui Plastic Machinery has all aspects of resource docking in the injection molding production workshop: molds, rubber materials, peripheral equipment, automation, financial leasing, all-round services, reduce the time for customers to find suppliers, quickly and effectively find the ideal production equipment, and provide customers with All-round machine selection, design, production and training programs.

Dedicated to win-win cooperation with domestic and foreign merchants, common development, and create brilliant

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Provide equipment financial leasing services for partners

All-round solution to business needs for entrepreneurs


There is a shortage of materials, and you don’t need to worry about the urgent need for equipment. Minghui Plastic Machinery provides one-stop financial leasing services. If you put forward a demand, we will satisfy you in all directions, so that your enterprise can quickly have a complete set of equipment in a short time, and resume production smoothly. Enter into production, make profits quickly, and solve problems such as too expensive equipment for entrepreneurs and shortage of funds.

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About Min-Hui

Excellent quality, affordable price, superb technical force

Guangdong Minghui Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Minghui Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a joint venture specialized in manufacturing vertical injection moulding machines. It has accumulated 20 + years of experience in research and development and manufacturing of injection moulding machines. Provide advanced and precise injection moulding equipment for related industries. Electrical and  hydraulic fittings adopt Japanese and Taiwan's famous brand products, meticulously manufactured Minghui Machinery, which pursues "safety, speed, stability and durability".
Unique design of zero-pressure slow-speed die-closing technology protects personal safety and mold. Quality, technology and service rank first in the same industry.

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Advantages of MIN-HUN Plastic Machinery



24 years of R&D and production experience

● Has more than 20 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of injection molding machines; provides advanced and precise injection molding equipment for the industry;


● The clamping force of the product is from 15 tons to 1200 tons, the injection volume is from 1 to 10000 grams, and the annual output is more than 1000 units;


●  Widely used in automobile manufacturing, medical equipment industry, cosmetics industry, kitchen utensils, furniture, toys, daily necessities, electronic connectors, optical lenses, backlight panels, watch movement gears, shoe soles, swatches, hoses, hard pipes and other industries plastic products;


● It has established long-term cooperative relations with the country's top 500 medium-sized enterprises.


Efficient and fully automated production

● It has its own complete processing equipment, several advanced high-speed machines, several Taiwanese precision spark machines, several Taiwanese milling machines with electronic rulers, several wire cutting machines, and Taiwan Jiande with electronic rulers grinders, lathes and other supporting facilities; efficient and timely Guaranteed delivery time.

● The software and hardware are self-developed and designed, and the high-intelligence operation can complete the independent production of the entire production line by feeding the front-end in time, without additional manual operation, saving labor costs.



Kexun Management Quality Assurance

● Minghui pays great attention to product quality, adopts advanced high-precision testing equipment, and implements inspections in strict accordance with the inspection work instructions. A team of professional engineers ensures that mold injection can save 50%-70% of electricity compared with ordinary machines, reducing production line operating costs and increasing single product profits. . And has obtained more than 20 invention patents;

● The software and hardware are self-developed and designed, and the high-intelligence operation can complete the independent production of the entire production line by feeding the front-end in time, without additional manual operation, saving labor costs


Perfect after-sales service system

  • ● After-sales commitment: 24-hour handling of quality problems, 3-month replacement, 1-year warranty, lifetime maintenance, regular return visits and routine inspection services
  • ●Provide free installation assistance, free commissioning, and free equipment working principle, operation methods and maintenance knowledge training.

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Excellent quality, affordable price, superb technical force


Excellent quality, affordable price, superb technical force